About this site

I developed learners.love, in October 2020, when it became clear that SARS-CoV-2 pandemic would continue for a while and we had to continue online delivery of courses. The first objective of learners.love was to provide our recorded online sessions to learners for a week, to give an opportunity to those who could not attend real time sessions.

In my original research, published at Computers in Human Behavior, we found that an individual’s online privacy control increases her/ his participation in e-commerce and the effectiveness of social media advertisements. With a similar logic, I expect higher participation in courses by giving learners more control over their online privacy, this way.

learners.love is an attempt to keep the spirit of regular auditorium meetings of courses, yet to enhance active learning, through higher interactivity using real-time polls and other feedback tools.

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Note: Why develop a private website? Privacy laws are in progress. For legal precautions, quite many organizations enforce individuals, e.g., students, to provide mandatory consent. In sharing private-to-the-audience recordings on one of the conglomerate platforms, managed by IT, open to AI, is debatable in terms of learner privacy.*

Also, I believe in the original Internet, before the ubiquitous monetization from non-suspecting individuals’ online behaviors as consumers.

* The screenshot below is from a company that offers learning management system. It is clearly ambiguous.