Quality Nominee, Pearson licensed Higher Nationals in Business Qualifications at TEDU (2020 – 2024)

Since 2019, I worked in the steering committee with the last two Deans of the Faculty of Economics and Administration Sciences and two Heads of the Department of Business Administration, for the intellectual property and trademark licensing agreements between TED University and Pearson Education Limited, to offer Pearson licensed Higher Nationals Diploma (HND) and Certificate (HNC) in Business qualifications to TEDU students in 2022 and 2023. I was appointed as the Quality Nominee for BTEC HND and HNC qualifications by the Department of Business Administration. Then on I contributed to preparing the Program Procedures and Principles for the Pearson licensed HN qualifications at TEDU in cooperation with the Department, Faculty and the Rectorate.

Academic Advisor, Model United Nations (MUN) at TEDU (2022 – 2023, 2023 – 2024)

Invited Speech (3rd Speaker) at TEDU MUN 2023 Conference

There are numerous service opportunities for scientists to contribute to the society. In 2022-2023, upon request from the Secretary-General of the student organization, Model United Nations (MUN), I assumed the responsibility to be their advisor. In summer 2023, as an enthusiastic team, the student club organized a great summer conference, TEDU MUN, despite difficulties following two devastating earthquakes and an overwhelming election. Secretary-General, Ms. Nisa Oncel, and the Director, Ms. Dogasu Polat, and the Deputy Secretary-General, Mr. Eren Yalcin, invited me to join esteemed speakers, the Rector and the United Nations Resident in Turkey, for a welcome speech at the conference first for the 2023 conference and then for 2024 conference, both available below.

Invited Opening Speech at TEDU MUN 2024 Conference

Invited Speech at TEDU MUN 2023 Conference

Open House at TEDU

Universities offer various initiatives to help students make more informed decisions for higher education. TED University offers Open House days for curious candidates to get the chance to meet with faculty members in academic areas.

July 22, 2023. Photo credit: Bülent İbrahim Tan