Questionnaire Items in Course Evaluation Surveys

“The instructor is well prepared for the classes

The instructor presents course content, structure and methods of the course in an organized and understandable manner

The instructor responds effectively to student questions and comments in class

The instructor encourages questions and class discussions

The instructor gives clear examples to explain concepts

The instructor uses various active learning methods (e.g., peer teaching, case study, pair/ group work) to engage students in the course

The course resources are helpful (e.g., textbook, articles, presentations, visuals, texts, etc.)

The instructor announces the grades of the exams, assignments, studio works and projects in a timely manner.

The instructor provides clear and constructive feedback to my exams/ papers/ projects/ in-class performance

The instructor provides a positive classroom environment for students to express their ideas

The instructor is open to communication with students outside of the classroom (e.g., during office hours, by appointment, email or moodle forums)

The exams, assignments or student works are relevant to the topics covered in the class or studio

Technology (e.g., zoom, interactive digital boards, online collaboration tools, online polls) is effectively used in the course to enhance student learning

What other suggestions or comments would you like to provide for this course (e.g., course materials, teaching methods, course content, exams, assignments, use of technology, grading and feedback)?”