Opening for TEDU MUN 2024

I used the following text as a starting point and explored themes in there during the speech.

“Ladies and Gentleman,

Welcome to TEDU MUN 2024. This is a gathering much expected by many of us. We have saved our times for these few days to embrace the spirit of collaboration. Let me start by introducing myself. I work as an assistant professor of marketing at part of the business administration faculty at TED University. I offer courses on New Product Development and Brand Management primarily.

At this point you need to ask, how is that relevant? I hope my speech will make the rationale clear, but I want to bring the following to your attention.

In marketing, we often emphasize competition. Concepts such as competitive advantage are highly meaningful for us. A good strategy and a good implementation will help your organization against competing organizations. Competition is then useful for the consumers, as it motivates firms to improve their value offerings to their markets and encourages them to invest in technology. As a result prices decrease, more consumers can afford the product.

To my understanding, all ideas are products. Some are new. Some are modifications of existing ideas. In this conference, you will be using ideas, refining and modifying them and hopefully coming up with new ideas. And these ideas are not just free style thinking, they have a purpose. Your ideas are goal oriented. You desire to improve conditions related to peace, health, nature, justice… You will have them in your agenda.

Then the second thing I would like to emphasize is the courage to think, communicate and make improvements. You need courage because improvements mean change and change is costly. At least it takes time. And people are occupied quite often as we all know. You are here, despite your courses and exams. That is a dilemma we all encounter. Because science and therefore your courses are aimed at making you think better and communicate better. We NEED TO BASE our courage in our knowledge.

Today and upcoming few days, will provide you an opportunity to collaborate. You may generate new ideas and share them with each other towards a positive goal.

The following part is a quotation from ChatGPT:

Let it be a starting point for action and a spark for change in your communities and beyond.

The future is not written; it is in your hands. Let’s make it a future of peace, prosperity, and progress for all.

Thank you, and let’s have a productive and inspiring conference!”

Congrats to Eren Yalçın, Eren Memişoğlu and all TEDU MUN 2024 team. They had a fantastic job gathering 450 participants together.