Vertically Integrated Project

Vertically integrated project (VIP) is a relatively new course type that offer learners to join team-based research projects spanning more than one semester.

A summary of VIP:

“VIP is an award-winning educational construct developed at Georgia Tech & Purdue University and refined for over 25 years. In a Vertically Integrated Project, teams of undergraduate students collaborate with faculty and their graduate students on ambitious, long-term projects of mutual interest.

VIP programs are now active in over 40 universities with 4,500+ students participating per term around the globe. The VIP Consortium’s mission is to help educational institutions start and sustain successful VIP programs that accelerate the pace of innovation, boost graduation rates, reduce inequities in undergraduate experiential learning, and better prepare students to be members and leaders of tomorrow’s collaborative, cross functional workforce – one VIP project at a time.” (, Retrieved on March 30, 2024)

The first VIP course in Türkiye is VIP200 at TED University offered in 2024 Spring.

Here is the link to the project.

Vertically Integrated Project (VIP200-2024-Spring)